The Tyler derby leather shoe is a collaboration with Leon Bullens, a 12-year old Belgian illustrator, with a unique colourful signature that delights me! The style derives its name from Tyler, The Creator, the American rapper who is not afraid to push the limits. 


-- The Story of The Tyler --

Leon Bullens

Leon Bullens started drawing since he could hold a pencil. A bunch of crazy looking colorful characters stacked together like a super power gang for a creative future!

His talent was quickly discovered and at the age of 10 he published his first book with renown publisher Pelckmans, ‘Graaf Itti’.

photo ©KoenKeppens

aka Z.I.C.E.

Leon's signature art style hasn't stopped evolving since, whether sketching with pen and paper, or digitally on a tablet. It almost seems like each of his characters whisper their stories to him.

Trivia : he goes by the name of Z.I.C.E. because when learning to write he mistook the letter N with a Z :)

A word

"I had in mind a colorful storytelling collaboration on the iconic derby of the year 2022, when my daughters were gifted Leon's book. And that was it! I got a coup de coeur for 'the youngest illustrator from Flanders' .

Young people are the driving force for positive change in our societies, which is why I think it is important to provide them with a platform for expression. It goes without saying that creativity and personality development go hand in hand. This is why it was only natural - and exciting! - for me to collaborate with Leon. We really inspired each other, and the result is a cheerful and inspiring shoe - called THE TYLER - to craft your everyday!"

The Tyler

A limited edition shoe
called The Tyler.

Tyler is an American controversial
rapper that doesn’t mince his words. His invigorating imagination is an inspiration to Leon.

Sale proceeds of THE TYLER will go the foundation Fournier-Majoie that supports innovative cancer research entrepreneurial projects.

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