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Design & Prototyping Studio.

The KINAMANIA design studio is based in Brussels and is the creative nucleus where Kristina passionately conceptualizes, develops, and brings to life her iconic shoe styles and bespoke projects.

In this dynamic space, innovation converges with craftsmanship as Kristina channels her artistic vision into each meticulously crafted design.

The Makers We Trust.

Naji & his team.

"I believe in people, and it is only when I met a talented and soulful artisan named Naji that I decided to launch a line of shoes - handmade in Lebanon. This collection symbolizes support for Lebanon's rich heritage of artistry but is also deeply inspired by Naji's moving story." Kristina

The shoes made in Lebanon are labelled 961 - which stands for the country's telephone code.

This project was launched after the August 4, 2020 Beirut explosion, as a gesture of support for both, artisans and my roots.


José Manuel & his team.

When it comes to footwear, the Portuguese have a heritage that traces back to the 12th century.

And soles being the most crucial component of a shoe : we chose to partner with a family-owned sole factory rather than a shoe factory for the crafting of our Atelier shoe lines.

This factory has been employing generations of skilled craftsmen since the 1980s. Their dedication lies in seamlessly blending traditional handcraft methods with innovative sole making techniques, while partnering with soulful shoemakers.

Elias & his team.

KINAMANIA bags combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology using elements that are 3D printed : elements with intricate patterns, geometric shapes and most importantly color. 

For those lines, Kinamania chose to partner with Togoban Studio : a Brussels-based research studio, with an incredible creative mind.

Materials & Carbon Impact.

“There is no established hierarchy of sustainability for materials in the fashion industry, and very limited comparable data (eg Life Cycle Analysis). What is clear is that every single material on the market today has some sort of trade off and impact on the planet and a mixture of preferred materials is needed going forward.” READ MORE

For now, we chose to work with farm animal leather hides treated in tanneries that are certified for their environmentally friendly working methods and outsoles made-to-order for our productions to minimize waste.

We source our materials directly from the country of production and employ intelligent shipping practices, optimizing packaging to minimize both carbon emissions and costs for our customers.


We are on a continuous journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow, making efforts within our jurisdiction to seek innovative processes and materials that would actively reduce our carbon impact.

Because, just like our designs, our commitment to a sustainable future is ever-evolving.

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