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Creating Bonds.

At KINAMANIA, we believe in more than just crafting leather goods. We are all about creating a lively and long-lasting community.

"In a world bustling with technology and rapid changes, the essence of social bonding and human relationships remains paramount. These connections weave the fabric of our lives, providing support, understanding, and a sense of belonging."


[Through WORKSHOPS] KINAMANIA gives creative leather workshops where participants return home with a personalised leather creation and a strong feeling of pride! The workshops are a moment of sharing where time stands still : a unique experience in a cosy atmosphere!


[Through MUSIC] We regularly host musical aperos in our boutique! These events are announced through our social media and newsletter (you can subscribe at the bottom of the page). "Because music turns ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences." Kristina


Soulful Artisans.

"Naji began working in shoe factories in Lebanon at the age of 14 during the Lebanese Civil War. In a poignant choice, his mother opted for him to work to avoid him joining the conflict." Kristina

When Kristina met Naji, she was so moved by his story and the aftermath of the August 2020 explosion, that she decided to launch a line of shoes called THE 961, also known as THE SOFT LINE. This collection not only stands as a tribute to Lebanon's rich heritage of artistry but is also profoundly inspired by Naji's compelling narrative, serving as a poignant gesture of support for the resilience and strength of the Lebanese people.


Empowering Craft Based Communities.

Palestinian Refugee Women.

We collaborate with craft-based NGOs whenever possible. The aim being to put a crafts in the spotlight and simultaneously contribute to the empowerment and well-being of communities.


For sandal style THE ORIENT we partnered with NGO INAASH, an association who's mission is to maximize employment opportunities for female Palestian artisans living in refugee camps in Lebanon.


Syrian Refugee Women.

For sandal style THE ALEPPO we partnered with NGO THE ANA COLLECTION, an organization that launched a doll collection to aid Syrian war refugees since the beginning of the country’s conflict in 2011.


Giving Back.

Kinamania supports cancer research through profit sharing with the limited-edition collaboration shoes.


In November 2019, Kristina - Kinamania founder - was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer.

Cancer changes your perspective on what’s important in life ", she says. 

Grateful for science and medical advancements, she channeled her gratitude into a meaningful cause.


The first collaboration proceeds were donated to venture philanthropists - The Foundation Fournier-Majoie - that provide researchers-finders with resources and skills to help them bring their oncological research projects to a successful conclusion. For more info


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