The Rima derby leather shoe is a collaboration with Arabic type designer Lara Captan. The style is called The Rima with reference to Lebanese singer Rima Khcheich who beautifully transforms classical Arabic to contemporary new sounds. 



-- The Rima Story --

Lara Captan

For Lara letters embody traces of millennia of gestures, thoughts, and artistic refinement. They are the body of civilizations’ contributions.

As a researcher-practitioner, she strives to provide alternative pathways to designing Arabic typefaces, both in form and technology, in order to drive Arabic type to its utmost potential.

"Lara is a very close friend and committed type face designer, and we’ve always supported each other’s work. This collaboration is very dear to my heart because we discussed it a few weeks after I was diagnosed with breast cancer last November." Kristina


This is a limited edition and part of a numbered series of 107 pairs . Why 107? Because it is a number associated with new beginnings.

Twenty pairs of The Rima are available for retail at L'Auberge Espagnole pop-up and 87 pairs will be on pre-order to emphasise the brand's commitment to more sustainable fashion. The pre-order campaign will end on August 20.

Cancer Research

Proceeds of the sale of The Rima will go the Foundation Fournier-Majoie that provides researchers-finders with resources and skills to help them bring their oncological research projects to a successful conclusion to save cancer patients.

Listen to

Discover Rima Khcheich's beautiful song Washwishni on spotify.

'Rima and her Dutch musicans developed a style of music that uses the best of both worlds, beautiful melodies and complex rhythms of the Arabic tradition combined with the advanced harmony and improvisation of the European music.'

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