KINAMANIA is a brand of storytelling shoes and bags with a balanced mix of humility, sobriety and dare.

The brand was founded in 2015 by self taught designer Kristina Zouein following countless hours spent observing and assisting local artisans in her hometown, Beirut. The KINAMANIA design studio is based in Brussels, and the shoe lines are crafted between Portugal and Lebanon by soulfulartisans that combine traditional handmade craft methods with innovative shoemaking techniques. 

The Shoe Lines

The Atelier

The Atelier Line are elegant shoes with a twist of boldness. The Atelier shoes are crafted in Portugal.


The Soft

The Soft Line are shoes that are made to fit like a second skin : shoes that are lightweight, flexible & colorful. The Soft shoes are crafted in Lebanon (this line was initially called The 961)


The Collabs

The collaborations are limited-edition shoes that tell the story of contemporary artists & artisans.


The Bag Lines

The Bags

Signature bag pieces where leather lacing techniques meet with modern technologies.


The Workshops

The workshops are a moment of sharing in a cosy atmosphere where participants personalise their own bag and return home with a strong feeling of pride :) 


The DIY kits

The DIY kits include everything you need to create a stunning bag from scratch with easy-to-follow instructions. COMING SOON!

The Kinamania flagship boutique

In the prestigious Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, center Brussels !

Open Tue-Sun from 11H-19H

📍 Galerie du Roi 22, 1000, Brussels

Leather Stories

“ Textured or smooth, vibrant or serious, glossy or matt, with this unique smoky scent … this strong, flexible and durable material definitely bewitches me and I very much enjoy combining leather characters and colors to create unexpected yet elegant blends. ” Kristina

Kristina has made leather her material of choice and her vehicle of expression for almost 15 years. For her shoe lines, she works with farm animal leather hides treated in tanneries that are certified for their environmentally friendly working methods. 

Heritage Stories

"I find my inspiration in basic footwear styles that have stood the test of time to which I add fashion-forward details. This is my way of reinventing heritage, with a focus on quality, comfort and elegance.” Kristina

Kinamania turns timeless footwear into iconic pieces with a pure and contemporary feel. The brand name actually has its roots in menorquina, the alternative name for the abarca Spanish sandal which was originally handmade on the island of Menorca. The mania for Kinas is born from the menorquina mania !

Collaboration Stories

Driven by curiosity and a constant desire to discover new talents, Kristina is always out there looking for artists to express their creativity on her signature shoes.

“ I chose to tell the story of a contemporary artist once a year on a limited-edition Kinamania style.” Kristina

Proceeds of the sale of those exclusive collaborations go for cancer research.

In 2019, Kristina was diagnosed with breast cancer. " Cancer changes your perspective on what’s important in life ", she says. 

Your Stories

"Putting on your shoes is much more than just a daily routine for Kinamania. It is a powerful symbol of health (before anything!), and making a conscious choice to step forward with purpose and intention as you slip each foot into your shoe.

Whether you're heading to work, running errands, or taking a walk in nature, putting on your shoes is a reminder that you have the power to create the day you want, filled with joy, productivity, and meaningful connections.

So go ahead, put on your shoes, and take charge of yours! Craft Your Day beautiful people :) ", Kristina