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The Kinamania Shoe Lines.

The Atelier.

The Atelier Line are elegant shoes with a twist of boldness and a particular emphasis on crafting iconic derbies.


The Soft.

The Soft Line are shoes that are made to fit like a second skin : shoes that are lightweight, flexible & colorful. 


The Abarcas

The sandal line that sparked the Kinamania adventure! & inspired from a typical Spanish sandal.


The Collabs.

The collaborations are limited-edition shoes that tell the story of contemporary artists & artisans.


& More of the Kinamania World.

The Bags.

Signature bag pieces where leather lacing techniques meet with modern technologies.


The Workshops.

The workshops are a moment of sharing in a cosy atmosphere where participants personalise their own bag and return home with a strong feeling of pride :) 


The DIY Kits.

The DIY kits include everything you need to create a stunning bag from scratch with easy-to-follow instructions. COMING SOON!

The Socks.

A shoe outfit cannot be complete without THE right pair of socks! Which is why we chose to curate an assortment of socks that harmonize seamlessly with our iconic styles.

The socks are only available in-store.

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