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The Rima.

A limited edition collaboration with Arabic type designer Lara Captan.

The collaboration on the iconic Kinamania derby resulted in carefully chosen words that were laser engraved on the vamp of the shoe. Words like : relaxation, chatting, contemplation, movement, imagination, love and many others that together are a hymn to life, around which Lara invented a form of writing that is elegant and subtle at once.

The shoe is named after Lebanese singer Rima Kcheich, famous for her warm expressive voice and her capacity to combine the Arabic tradition with the modern, western music.

X Lara Captan

For Lara letters embody traces of millennia of gestures, thoughts, and artistic refinement. They are the body of civilizations’ contributions.

As a researcher-practitioner, she strives to provide alternative pathways to designing Arabic typefaces, both in form and technology, in order to drive Arabic type to its utmost potential.

For the shape concept of the typeface, Lara found her inspiration in tree roots : " they are the very essence of natural life, and so are women in a way ", she says.

Crafting Rima

"Lara is a very close friend and committed type designer, and we’ve always supported each other’s work. This collaboration is very dear to my heart because we discussed it a few weeks after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2019. This life challenge pushed me to redefine the way I am leading my life and my business ", says Kristina.

The Tyler.

A collaboration with 12-year old talented Belgian illustrator Leon Bullens, aka Z.I.C.E.

A supa sneaker-limited-edition shoe with a bunch of crazy looking characters named after singer Tyler The Creator.

Tyler The Creator is an American controversial rapper that doesn’t mince his words. His invigorating imagination is an inspiration to Leon.


X Leon Bullens aka Z.I.C.E.

Leon Bullens started drawing since he could hold a pencil. A bunch of crazy looking colorful characters stacked together like a super power gang for a creative future!

His talent was quickly discovered and at the age of 10 he published his first book with renown publisher Pelckmans, ‘Graaf Itti’.

Leon's signature art style hasn't stopped evolving since, whether sketching with pen and paper, or digitally on a tablet. It almost seems like each of his characters whisper their stories to him.

Trivia : he goes by the name of Z.I.C.E. because when learning to write he mistook the letter N with a Z :)

photo ©KoenKeppens

Crafting Tyler

"I had in mind a colorful storytelling collaboration on the iconic derby of the year 2022, when my daughters were gifted Leon's book. And that was it! I got a coup de coeur for 'the youngest illustrator from Flanders' .

Young people are the driving force for positive change in our societies, which is why I think it is important to provide them with a platform for expression. It goes without saying that creativity and personality development go hand in hand. This is why it was only natural - and exciting! - for me to collaborate with Leon. We really inspired each other, and the result is a cheerful and inspiring shoe - called THE TYLER - to craft your everyday!"

The Spain.

THE SPAIN takes you into the world of Daniel Roqueta, a talented Spanish tailor of bullfighters.

This collaboration is very dear to my heart because it is the one that sparked the creation of the collab lines.

X Tailor Antonio Roqueta

While bullfighting remains a controversial tradition, one cannot stay indifferent about the flamboyant Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) worn by Toreros since the 18th century.

THE SPAIN brings light to your feet, with beads, sequins and metal threads creating an embroidery pattern influenced by centuries in the making. 

Crafting Spain

"I have always been amazed by the intricate designs and delicate stitching on the bullfighters' costumes - called 'trajes de luces' in Spanish or suits of lights. The term originates from the sequins and reflective metal threads of gold and silver that are embroidered on the outfits.

I flew from Beirut to Spain to meet with Antonio Roqueta and his family to create the first Kinamania collab edition : THE SPAIN." Kristina

The Orient.

A collaboration with NGO INAASH, an association who's mission is to maximize employment opportunities for female Palestian artisans living in refugee camps in Lebanon.

X Palestinian refugee artisans

Inaash is an ngo that raises the educational and economic standing of refugees in Palestinian camps in Lebanon while preserving the long-standing tradition of Palestinian embroidery.

Tatreez, a centuries-old craft, is a tradition passed down from mother to daughter, deeply embedding it into the Palestinian lifestyle and culture. Originally practised in rural communities, women of all ages would gather to share embroidery skills, strengthening the craft and contributing to its enduring legacy. READ MORE about Tatreez

Crafting Orient

"What inspired me to develop THE ORIENT is my Palestinian grand-father. I met with Malak al Husseini, one of the founders of the ngo who has been working with the embroiderers for the past 50 years. Her exquisite taste, design and embroidery expertise is second to none." Kristina

The Aleppo.

The Aleppo is the result a beautiful collaboration with NGO The Ana Collection, an organization that launched a doll collection to aid Syrian war refugees since the beginning of the country’s conflict in 2011.

X Syrian refugee artisans

These dolls are embroidered with drawings inspired by the un-heard stories, hopes and dreams of refugee children and their families in Aleppo, Syria. It is a touching story of solidarity: embroideries are made by Syrian refugees in Lebanon and proceeds go to refugees in Aleppo.

Learn more about The ANA COLLECTION

Crafting Aleppo

"My daughter was gifted a beautiful doll from anorganisationthat launched a doll collection that tells the stories of war-torn Syrian children and their mothers. I met with Melina & Mariane the founders of The Ana Collection, to collaborate on THE ALEPPO." Kristina

The LauraB

The LauraB is a collab with Italian designer Laura Bortolami. Before founding her own jewelery and accessories brand Laura B Collection Particulière in the early 90s, she worked alongside the biggest names in luxury fashion (Armani, Versaci, Anna Molinari, Dolce & Gabbana). This collaboration resulted in one oh-so-glamourous line of flats. Discover Laura Bortolami

X Laura Bortolami

Accessories designer Laura Bortolami, worked in prestigious Italian fashion houses such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani, during the height of their fame. From there, Laura came across mesh: a metallic fabric used in the 20s for evening bags, which she plays with gracefully blending vintage sophistication with a modern twist.

Crafting LauraB

"I still remember the dizzy feeling of delight when I discovered Laura Bortolami's metal mesh bags. It was only natural for me to reach out to her for a collaboration on glamourous flats." Kristina

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