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The Fiefer. Iconic lace-up.

Flat lace-up shoes named after Lebanese Hip Hop singer Blu Fiefer and inspired by the classic lace-up design of the Papal shoe.

A tribute to Blu Fiefer

Blu Fiefer is a Lebanese-Mexican artist, that fearlessly weaves a daring and villainous attitude into her artistic expression, paying homage to Arabic music through hip hop.

Crafting Fiefer

"I will proudly use Saint Exupéry's words who says that 'A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.' :) " Kristina


The Frida. Low cut bootie.

Mid-cut lace-up shoes. Frida is named after Lebanese soul singer Frida.

A tribute to Frida

"I delved into a year of architecture in my early twenties, and it turns out, Frida and I were classmates. Recently, I've come to discover that she passionately sings about female empowerment and love. And of course, I was inspired :)" Kristina

Crafting Frida

"In 2015, I crossed paths with Beirut-based clothing designer Cynthia Chamat Debbané and founder of Urban Sense label. Cynthia chose to showcase my shoe lines in her shop and played a pivotal role as a retail ambassador for Kinamania in Beirut. To complement her lines of minimalist and fluid clothing, she requested a short and simple bootie, and that's how I crafted The Frida." Kristina


The Mary Jane. Iconic ballerina

Ballerina high-cut flats with buckle closure. Mary Janes dress the feet of women of all ages, all over the world.

This Mary Jane is named after Buster Brown’s girlfriend - the comic strip character.

A tribute to Mary Jane

In the whimsical world of Buster Brown and his trusty dog, Mary Jane finds herself entangled in their mischievous adventures, wearing a pair of little black ballerinas that have become a symbol of timeless fashion.

"The shoe was named before I decided to name the Kinamania styles after singers." Kristina

Crafting Mary Jane

"Springing from traditional
velvet Chinese and Korean ballerinas, this mary jane is a tribute to minimalism and embraces daily life. In my teens, I wore these in all kinds of velvety colors – just loved 'em!"


The Ceecee.

Flat leather sandals named after Lebanese singer Ceecee Karam and inspired by the traditional Greek sandal style.

A tribute to Ceecee Karam

"The Ceecee sandal is a tribute to my wonderful school friend and artist. Ceecee is a walking sun, she’s got that unique kick that will inspire the most blasé person on earth ! It’s been years since we shared a school desk together, and today she acts, she sings, and she makes us laugh to tears!" Kristina

Crafting Ceecee

"Greek sandals are characterised by their simple and functional design, with leather straps that crisscross over the foot.

Drawing inspiration from this classic style, I've added the Kinamania signature to infuse a touch of contemporary elegance." Kristina


The Tania

Flat leather sandals named after Lebanese singer Tania Saleh.

A tribute to Tania Saleh

Tania Saleh is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and visual artist, and a pioneer of the Arabic alternative-music scene.

Through her music, she sheds light on societal challenges within the Arab world, fostering dialogue and encouraging introspection for positive change.

Crafting Tania

"The challenge was to create sandals that strike the perfect balance – not too open, not too closed. Infusing joyful leather hues, because summer feet deserve a touch of happiness :) " Kristina


The Remie

Flat leather sandals named after Lebanese singer Remie Akl.

A tribute to Remie Akl

Singer, visual artist, poet, and actress, Remie Akl is a Lebanese artist with a rebellious spirit. Her work boldly confronts injustice, taking on issues like patriarchal mentalities, corrupt systems, and social media.

Crafting Remie.

"A minimal sandal with an architectural feel. Every line and curve tells a story of simplicity and structural elegance." Kristina

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