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"It was a failed romance with a Spaniard that made me discover this typical Spanish slip-on. The romance may not have lasted, but it sparked the Kinamania project!"

And I decided to name this original abarca DOS ! You might be wondering why DOS comes before UNO - well, truth be told, I have no answer to that either 🙃." Kristina

A tribute to Spain.

So this popular Spanish sandal, is the one that sparked the Kinamania adventure! The Mania for Kinas is born from the menorquinamania : the menorquina style was originally handmade on the island of Menorca in the Baleares.

Crafting Dos

Menorquinas are traditional Spanish sandals made from leather with recycled rubber soles. They were originally worn by farmers back in the 1920s and were handmade by artisans on the island of Menorca in the Baleares. Today they are deeply rooted in Spanish culture.


"I named the first five Kinamania styles Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro and Cinco.

This was before I decided to name the Kinamania styles after singers. But I chose to keep the original names as a tribute to how the Kinamania adventure sparked :)" Kristina

A tribute to Spain

Menorquina sandals typically feature a flat sole made from rubber or recycled tires with a soft upper and a simple back strap that makes it easy to slip in an out.

Crafting Uno

Caty and Antonio. The lovely couple, owners of a small family factory specialised in making traditional Menorcan sandals and artisans at heart. It is with them that I developed the first line of sandals back in 2015.


Flat leather sandals inspired by the typical Menorcan sandal.

A tribute to Spain

Menorquina sandals are not just a fashion statement; they are a practical and enduring part of Spanish heritage.

Crafting Tres

Soulfully handmade :)


Flat leather sandals inspired by the typical Menorcan sandal.

Cuatro are two single wide straps.

A tribute to Spain.

In the 1950s, during the Spanish Civil War, a peasant came up with the idea of making a pair of sandals with a sole made from the rubber tread of a used tyre. The sandals were adopted by the Menorcan people in the 1960s, and the island’s cobblers started to make these sandals to order.

Crafting Cuatro

"The original Kinamania brand logo had two 'Ms' for Menorquina Mania, with a nod to the waves of the Mediterranean." Kristina


Flat leather sandals inspired by the typical Menorcan sandal.

Cinco are braided straps.

A tribute to Spain.

"I find my inspiration in basic footwear styles that have stood the test of time to which I add fashion-forward details. This is my way of reinventing heritage, with a focus on quality, comfort and elegance.” Kristina

Crafting Cinco

"This was actually the first style I ever designed. I spent evenings figuring out how to transform a 2D pattern into a tangible 3D form." Kristina

The Spain.

THE SPAIN takes you into the world of Daniel Roqueta, a talented Spanish tailor of bullfighters.

This collaboration is very dear to my heart because it is the one that sparked the creation of the collab lines.

X Tailor Antonio Roqueta

While bullfighting remains a controversial tradition, one cannot stay indifferent about the flamboyant Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) worn by Toreros since the 18th century.

THE SPAIN brings light to your feet, with beads, sequins and metal threads creating an embroidery pattern influenced by centuries in the making. 

Crafting Spain.

"I have always been amazed by the intricate designs and delicate stitching on the bullfighters' costumes - called 'trajes de luces' in Spanish or suits of lights. The term originates from the sequins and reflective metal threads of gold and silver that are embroidered on the outfits.

I flew from Beirut to Spain to meet with Antonio Roqueta and his family to create the first Kinamania collab edition : THE SPAIN." Kristina


The Orient.

A collaboration withNGO INAASH, an association who's mission is to maximize employment opportunities for female Palestian artisans living in refugee camps in Lebanon.

X Palestinian refugee artisans.

Inaash is an ngo that raises the educational and economic standing of refugees in Palestinian camps in Lebanon while preserving the long-standing tradition of Palestinian embroidery.

Tatreez, a centuries-old craft, is a tradition passed down from mother to daughter, deeply embedding it into the Palestinian lifestyle and culture. Originally practised in rural communities, women of all ages would gather to share embroidery skills, strengthening the craft and contributing to its enduring legacy. READ MORE about Tatreez

Crafting Orient.

"What inspired me to develop THE ORIENT is my Palestinian grand-father. I met with Malak al Husseini, one of the founders of the ngo who has been working with the embroiderers for the past 50 years. Her exquisite taste, design and embroidery expertise is second to none." Kristina


The Aleppo.

The Aleppo is the result a beautiful collaboration with NGO The Ana Collection, an organization that launched a doll collection to aid Syrian war refugees since the beginning of the country’s conflict in 2011.

X Syrian refugee artisans

These dolls are embroidered with drawings inspired by the un-heard stories, hopes and dreams of refugee children and their families in Aleppo, Syria. It is a touching story of solidarity: embroideries are made by Syrian refugees in Lebanon and proceeds go to refugees in Aleppo.

Learn more about The ANA COLLECTION

Crafting Aleppo.

"My daughter was gifted a beautiful doll from anorganisationthat launched a doll collection that tells the stories of war-torn Syrian children and their mothers. I met with Melina & Mariane the founders ofThe Ana Collection, to collaborate on THE ALEPPO."Kristina


The LauraB.

The LauraB is a collab with Italian designer Laura Bortolami. Before founding her own jewelery and accessories brand Laura B Collection Particulière in the early 90s, she worked alongside the biggest names in luxury fashion (Armani, Versaci, Anna Molinari, Dolce & Gabbana). This collaboration resulted in one oh-so-glamourous line of flats. Discover Laura Bortolami

X Laura Bortolami.

Accessories designer Laura Bortolami, worked in prestigious Italian fashion houses such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani, during the height of their fame. From there, Laura came across mesh: a metallic fabric used in the 20s for evening bags, which she plays with gracefully blending vintage sophistication with a modern twist.

Crafting LauraB.

"I still remember the dizzy feeling of delight when I discoveredLaura Bortolami's metal mesh bags. It was only natural for me to reach out to her for a collaboration on glamourous flats."Kristina


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