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The Joplin derby leather shoe is a Kinamania tribute to Janis Joplin: the premier white female blues vocalist of the 1960s, who dazzled listeners with her fierce and uninhibited music style. 


-- The Joplin Story --

The Joplin song

Try, try, try just a little bit harder
So I can love, love, love him, I tell myself
'Cause I'm gonna try, oh yeah, just a little bit harder
So I won't lose, lose, lose him to nobody else, yeah
Hey, I don't care how long it's gonna take ya
But if it's a dream I don't want No I don't really want it
Yeah if it's a dream I don't want nobody to wake me

The derby

Initially designed for sporting & hunting in Great Britain, the Derby shoe became a gentleman’s footwear in the 20th century. Whether one goes for the chase or for the chivalry, The Joplin derby will walk gracefully, crowned with lines that suggest a slight British accent.

A word

"I very much enjoyed crafting this derby shoe. The details of the pleats, the sole en-décalé, the V shaped pattern at ankle level and of course the typical Kinamania hand-stitches. The mix, I find, is beautifully balanced." Kristina

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Or discover Janis Joplin's rock classic Try (Just a little bir harder) on Spotify.

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