The Kinamania collaborations on the abarca sandals tell stories of artists, artisans, and craft-based NGOs. Cross-stitched ancestral motifs on canvas, embroidered leather by a tailor of bullfighter and panels of metal mesh : comfortable sandals that will talk you with a smile. 



-- The Abarca Story --

The Spain

"I have always been amazed by the intricate designs and delicate stitching on the bullfighters' costumes - called 'trajes de luces' in Spanish or suits of lights. The term originates from the sequins and reflective metal threads of gold and silver that are embroidered on the outfits. I flew from Beirut to Spain to meet with tailor Antonio Roqueta to create the first Kinamania collab edition." Kristina

The Aleppo | ngo

"My daughter was gifted a beautiful doll from an organization that launched a doll collection that tells the stories of war-torn Syrian children and their mothers. I met with Melina & Mariane the founders of The Ana Collection, to collaborate on The Aleppo." Kristina

The Orient | ngo

"What inspired me to develop The Orient is my Palestinian grand-father. I met with Malak al Husseini, one of the founders of the ngo who has been working with the embroiderers for the past 50 years. Her exquisite taste, design and embroidery expertise is second to none." Kristina

Inaash is an ngo that raises the educational and economic standing of refugees in Palestinian camps in Lebanon while preserving the long-standing tradition of Palestinian embroidery.

The LauraB | mesh specialist

"I still remember the dizzy feeling of delight when I discovered Laura Bortolami's metal mesh bags. It was only natural for me to reach out to her for a collaboration on glamourous flats." Kristina

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