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Shoe Stories

Storytelling footwear that will craft your days.

X Leon Bullens

A collaboration with 12-year old talented Belgian illustrator Leon Bullens, aka Z.I.C.E. A supa sneaker-shoe with a bunch of crazy looking characters!


X Naji X 961

The Kinamania Soft Line - aka The 961 Beirut Collection - is a shoe line handcrafted by a wonderful Lebanese artisan called Naji. The uniqueness of those styles is that they are made to fit like a second skin with quality leather uppers and rubber outsoles.

This line was launched after the dramatic August 4, 2020 Beirut explosion. "My aim is, in my own modest way, to give a financial stability to one, two, three Lebanese artisans and their families.says Kristina.


X Lara Captan

A collaboration with Arabic type designer Lara Captan on the Kinamania iconic derby shoe. Arabic words laser engraved on leather.


X Palestinian refugee women

A collaboration with NGO INAASH, an association who's mission is to maximize employment opportunities for female Palestian artisans living in refugee camps in Lebanon.


X Syrian refugee women

The Aleppo is the result a beautiful collaboration with NGO The Ana Collection, an organization that launched a doll collection to aid war refugees. These dolls are embroidered with drawings inspired by the un-heard stories, hopes and dreams of refugee children and their families in Aleppo, Syria. It is a touching story of solidarity: embroideries are made by Syrian refugees in Lebanon and proceeds go to refugees in Aleppo.Learn more about The ANA COLLECTION


X Laura Bortolami

The LauraB is a collab with Italian designer Laura Bortolami. Before founding her own jewelery and accessories brand Laura B Collection Particulière in the early 90s, she worked alongside the biggest names in luxury fashion (Armani, Versaci, Anna Molinari, Dolce & Gabbana). This collaboration resulted in one oh-so-glamourous line of flats.Discover Laura Bortolami


X Matador Tailor

The Spain takes you into the world of Daniel Roqueta, a talented Spanish tailor of bullfighters. While bullfighting remains a controversial tradition, one cannot stay indifferent about the flamboyant Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) worn by Toreros since the 18th century. SPAIN brings light to your feet, with beads, sequins and metal threads creating an embroidery pattern influenced by centuries in the making.