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The Royal Galleries Brussels & Introducing The Soft Line

April 23 2022 – Kristina ZOUEIN

The Royal Galleries Brussels & Introducing The Soft Line
The Royal Galleries Brussels & Introducing The Soft Line

I've been silent, yet active!

Two major announcements for you today 😊 The Beirut Soft Collection & my next R O Y A L pop up location! 


// Introducing the Beirut Soft Collection

The Beirut Soft Collection is a Kinamania tribute to craftsmen and women of Lebanon. 

I worked with a talented artisan named Naji, to create a line of footwear handmade in Lebanon. The project was triggered after the August 4, 2020 Beirut explosion that pulverised the port of Beirut and damaged over half the city. Since then the situation escalated on all levels with a financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the aftermath of the port blast. The UN estimates that 78 percent of the Lebanese lives below the poverty line and the population is experiencing anger, despair and anxiety. READ MORE

With this Soft line, my aim is, in my own modest way, to give financial stability to one, two, three Lebanese families artisans while putting a spotlight on their exceptional craft skills. 
I will be introducing this project through a series of mini-reportages. The idea is take you on the project's journey : from idea to project launch. I am super excited to share this journey with you, I sure hope you are too :)  WATCH EPISODES

//The Royal Gallery of St Hubert welcomes Kinamania!

Edition #3 of the Kinamania dynamic pop up concept boutique will be in the prestigious glazed shopping arcades of The Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert in central Brussels.

The countdown is on, I'll be there May 2, with beautiful surprises. Stay tuned - and I hope to see you then! :) 
Address: Galerie du Roi au numéro 22