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@ Kanal Centre Pompidou

June 03 2019 – Kristina ZOUEIN

@ Kanal Centre Pompidou
@ Kanal Centre Pompidou


So much happening these days for KINAMANIA, with more to come in the near future. I can proudly announce that carefully selected styles of the kina abarca are on display at Kanal Centre Pompidou, the museum of modern and contemporary art and architecture in Brussels.



The kina display stand was designed expressly for Kanal Store. Taking little steps towards sustainability, we brought new life to an old industrial metal rack, an antique mirror and a vintage stool found in the Marolles neighbourhood, #Brussels.



ALEPPO, the hand embroidered Kina Voyage collaboration with The Ana Collection whose purpose is to highlight the hopes and identities of the human beings caught in the Syrian crisis. This Voyage capsule recounts stories of two Syrian refugee children and their families – BIG FISH* and HOME SWEET HOME*, whilst the embroideries are made by Syrian women refugees in Lebanon camps for a dignified wage. Refugees helping refugees: inspiring stories of solidarity that create a full circle of empowerment.

BIG FISH. "I am Falak. My house and the house of my married daughters have been destroyed by the war. We all live together with my grandkids in a small house with no furniture. My older sons have all traveled to Europe by sea. Every time we speak about maybe following them one day, my youngest daughter Amal who is 7 years old tells us that she is scared of the sea and the big fish that live in it."

HOME SWEET HOME. "I am Rahaf. We left our village and moved into the city because it was not safe. My son Omar always tells his new friends about his home village and his house over there. He dreams of going back and seeing his house one day because he fears that it was destroyed along with other houses because of the war."

SPAIN, on the other hand is our fetish collection for being the very first kina Voyage line. This collection was created with a tailor of bullfighters and inspired by traditional torero outfits.

ABARCA ESSENTIALS. Four sandal designs that retain signature features of the traditional Spanish abarca: the stitches around the sole and the distinctive strap behind the heel that makes it easy to slip on and off.


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