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Dark Brown
  • Product Description

      «It’s a beautiful day» is our very first collection hand crafted out of parchment, a material used to create writing supports out of animal skin in ancient times.

      While both parchment and leather come from animal skins, they differ in the way they are produced. Leather is tanned, which involves a chemical process that permanently alters the protein structure of the skin, whereas parchment only goes through physical alterations such as scrapping, oiling, and stretching. The maker we work with has revived parchment processes and has expanded its use to many contemporary applications. The result is an eco-friendlier material that is smooth on the touch.

      We embrace parchment’s soft feel and visible graining as it provides texture and character to each of our designs.

      • • Parchment leather
      • • Available in 4 colours: Black, Dark Brown, Red, Petrol Blue
      • • W 10 x H 7,75 cm
      • Interior details : 3 pockets
      • • Lining: 100% leather nubuck
      • • Hand stitched
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