Kinamania supports Belgian asbl BIG against breast cancer

Kinamania supports Belgian asbl BIG against breast cancer

Following my previous blog article, this blog post is to announce that I have taken the decision to support the Belgian association BIG against breast cancer.

5€ per pair of Kinamania shoes and leather bags sold will be donated for research.

Why the cancer commitment?

Because in November 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am done with the first part of the treatment (with fortunately positive results), and now for the next decade the treatment I go through is to make sure those crazy cells are tamed for the many years to come.

Breast cancer is the most common women cancer worldwide with 1 in 8 diagnosed during their lifetime. I don’t know about you, but I was personally chocked when I learnt those numbers, especially to discover that so many women, like myself, below the age 40 go through this for reasons that are still unclear. You cannot but look around, and count the number of women around you, your mother, your sisters, aunts, cousins, close friends, acquaintances to realize the stats will probably hit you in the face at some point in life.

Why BIG?

Because I believe in the power of human connections – and I was introduced to a lovely person Mathilde, who went through cancer and is now working with the association. We had our first meeting this past August during the Kinamania Les Mamzelles pop up boutique . It was a nice summery day and she told me all about her journey and the association around on a steel pink color coffee table on the pedestrian street leading to Place Jourdan, Brussels.  This is when I also learnt that the association was founded by Professor Martine Piccart who is a scientific director at the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels. The Bordet institute is where I am being treated, by a dedicated and skilled team of doctors and nurses, whom despite the covid situation chose not to interrupt the treatments of their cancer patients. 

BIG was created in the 90s with the mission to join forces, collaborate and share, with research centers worldwide to move breast cancer research forward. You can read more about BIG here.

The Aurora research

I chose for Kinamania to support one specific BIG research: The Aurora Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS Research which was launched back in 2014. The study aims at identifying genetic breakdowns and mapping the routes that cancer cells take to invade other organs. Just as a GPS guidance system helps you locate and avoid traffic problems, the purpose of this study is to analyze if there are specific routes that those abnormal cells follow, which would allow doctors to stop the invasion or change the route of those crazy cells by choosing the best possible treatment. 

The results of phase 1 of the study where presented last year, and the geneticists seem to be confident about the direction of the research. More detailed info about this study here.

“You are what you eat”: an epigenetic diet 

I might have a non-scientific profile, yet my journey tells me that some answers for The Aurora research could be linked to one's eating behavior combined with natural food supplements: by reinforcing key organs like your liver, your intestines, would be like building a defensive wall which would protect your organs from the aggressor just like a city in medieval times. 

In short, a smart diet does not cure cancer, yet eating the right food can lower the risk on one hand, and optimize medical treatments on the other. Broccoli, Brazilian nuts, green tea, omega 3 enhanced ingredients, sardines, and many more. I am being followed by a wonderful devoted Belgian nutritherapist Alexandra Ferret, do not hesitate to reach out to her. Yes, I say it loud, and clear because she was and still is of great support throughout my journey. 

See you at the next blog post :)  


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